6 Cd Cover Template Templates

6 Cd Cover Template Templates

6 Cd Cover Template Templates.

This case template contains a and a playful water drop design. easily design a cover for a with dimensions included in the insert template. Free to personalize and perfect for every artist and genre. templates. create a blank album cover. create blank.

floral illustration cover album cover modern album cover. minimal underwater photographic album cover. covers. rose minimalist album cover. Design the front and the back cover for a to capture the theme or spirit of your book. cite if you use another persons work be sure the name of the book, plus the title of the hit single appears on the front cover along with a picture or design.

Informationmy personal channel youtube. comdemilyrandathefanhope you enjoy. Nov, in the new document dialog, if you select the print intent, see a with loads of page sizes in it. towards the bottom you should see compact disc. this is set to a booklet size or equivalent with facing pages on by default.

simply type in how many pages you want and that should be, free booklet templates designs ms word booklets are versatile, and a lot of fun to make. creating your own booklet template is an easy process, especially when you know exactly what to place in it.

Compact disc template plastic box white isolated blank branding design cd jewel case mock clean free space booklet print wooden table perspective view stock. Cd duplication replication. Directory templates. Live music festival event cd booklet template word publisher. Cd jewel case label template results. Cd jacket template word. Free 6 sample jewel case templates.

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